TikTok ReVanced

Currently, TikTok is the biggest short form video content platform on the worldwide. The TikTok, developed in China as Douyin, is a short-form video content service found by the Chinese company ByteDance. The app offers to create videos in duration from 3 seconds to 10 minutes.

TikTok allow anybody to use their platform, and it’s a very popular across the world. If here you are for finding the TikTok Revanced APK then this is the right place you have visited. The TikTok ReVanced offers endless amazing unlocked and VIP features free. Using the official TikTok you will get so many features, but the difference between these applications is its complete unlocked with VIP features. Want to enjoy the TikTok without facing the feed ads then the TikTok ReVanced is the best. So experience the best version of TikTok and show your talent to the world and become very popular in all over the world.

What Is Revanced TikTok?

As per TikTok the official founder of TikTok is Chinese company ByteDance. But this amazing TikTok ReVanced’s official founder is oSumAtrIX. TikTok ReVanced is an amazing-modified version of TikTok where you can get every single features which has locked in the official TikTok. The modified TikTiok which is TikTok ReVanced which don’t have any kinds of watermark but in the official version there are creator’s watermark. Not only that but the TikTok ReVanced has also so many others features which is really amazing to experience for every user. Even using the TikTok ReVanced you can directly download all amazing videos which you liked while watching those short contents. Moral of the story is the TikTok ReVanced is really incredible modified version of TikTok which offer you to use the full potential of TikTok.

Additional Information

App Name TikTok ReVanced
Size240 MB
Last UpdateMar 29, 2024


Utilize TikTok without having feed ads and remove the watermark with ReVanced TikTok.

Amazing Features Revanced TikTok

Unlike TikTok the TikTok ReVanced offers users so many features which are really unavailable in the TikTok. TikTok ReVanced has hide watermark, hide lievestream, ads free interface, and also many things. So using the TikTok ReVanced rather than TikTok is always best for every user.

Key Features

  • (Download Videos) Download videos directly from the app.
  • (No Watermark) Using this you will never get watermark in videos.
  • (Ads Free) The video feed is completely ads free and fresh interface.
  • (Speed Control) You are able to control the video speed.
  • (Change Download Path) The TikTok ReVanced lets you change your downloading path.
  • (Seekbar) Added seekbar, you can watch the favorite part.
  • (Hide Livestreams) Live streams from TikTok users which has hide option.

Download Videos Directly

Sometimes people when watching videos some become their favorite and people want to download. But the thing is to download TikTok videos you have to use for any kinds of third part downloader application or site tool. So if you also want to download your favorite TikTok videos, and you don’t want to use some other third part apps or tool then you can use the TikTok ReVanced. Because the TikTok ReVanced comes with downloading feature. Where you can download your favorite videos directly.

Remove Watermark

Using the official TikTok there are watermarks in each of the videos and the concern is most of the user don’t like that. So if you are also one of them then the good thing is here are the solution. Download and install the TikTok ReVanced because it offers users to hide the watermark on every video. So the solution of avoiding the watermark you have to use the TikTok ReVanced where you can disable the option easily.

Remove Ads On Feed

In any kinds of video watching platform ads are very annoying and boring things. So just like that TikTok also has so many ads on the apps feed. And to watched ads nobody likes, and the worst thing is TikTok don’t have any kinds of premium subscription which provide ads free performance. But to avoid those all annoying ads you can use the TikTok ReVanced, Revanced TikTok has comes with extra features which will never show any kinds of feed ads.

Hide Livestreams

One of the best feature about TikTok is here you can do livestreams. Basically if you are creator of TikTok and you have minimum 1000 followers then you are able to go live with your followers. Now not everybody loves to watch live stream of their following creator. And in the TikTok you can’t hide those live streams. So the TikTok ReVanced is the best solutions for this, Because it has the option to hide all the live streams.

Slow Down or Speed Up Video

TikTok has every type of content including educational and learning purpose videos also. So while watching any kinds of education videos some you have to watch that content slowly. But TikTok doesn’t allow users to watch any video doing slow or fast. So rather than TikTok use the TikTok ReVanced, Because it has the option to slow down or speed up video. Now watch any videos in very details using the slow-down features

Change Download Location/Path

Love to download your favorite TikTok video but using the TikTok your device storage getting full. Just because the TikTok only allow you to download videos to your internal storage. So download videos using the TikTok ReVanced because it has option to change the downloading path. But member its only available with the TikTok ReVanced. So now there is no way to stop downloading your favorite videos to your external storage.

Seekbar For Every Video

Watching short videos there are also boring content available but once you have watched the full video then TikTok algorithm to your feed bringing you more videos from the same creator. And that is very annoying and boring, and it can bring your TikTok watching experience annoying. So the perfect way to dead with this problem use the TikTok ReVanced, Because it has seekbar for every video. Using the seekbar you can seek the video duration by just sliding it to the desired part of the clip, and watch the best click you love.

Trusted By ReVanced.org

The TikTok ReVanced become so popular so to download it you will many sites, But the concerned is not all are providing secure TikTok ReVanced. Using Those apps your device can harm, and your data can be leaked. But we provided the best and working version of TikTok ReVanced which is totally secure to use. Also, we tased our TikTok ReVanced with our millions of users, And they found the app is really secure and working with amazing entertainment. We always take care of our users privacy and privet data, So we suggest you to use the TikTok ReVanced APK from here.

How To Download The Revanced TikTok

Note: You must have to install MicroG app on your Android device, otherwise TikTok ReVanced app will crush.

Step 1: First click on the download button which is provided in the top of this page.

Step 2: Then you will visit the download page, Here select your required version and click.

Step 3: Now the downloading will start automatically, Let the process complete 100%.

How To Installation The Revanced TikTok APK

Compare to rooted device installation the TikTok ReVanced is so easy in non-rooted devices. But many of you have still no idea how to install the TikTok ReVanced to your device, So you can just follow those instructions which are given below.

Step 1: Firstly go to your file manager and open the downloaded application, Then click on the installation button.

Step 2: Then go to your device setting and unlock the unknown resource and back to the installation.

Step 3: Now your installing process is starting here, Let it few seconds and then your TikTok ReVanced is installed.

Step 4: So now you are able to run the TikTok ReVanced on your device. So enjoy unlimited content with unlocked features.

Download TikTok ReVanced APK for Android

Love to watch short form content then you should try once the Revanced TikTok APK from here. Currently, TikTok is the best platform for watching short form content, Here you can watch all genre content including entertainment, comedy, romantic, drama and everything you like. And watching TikTok video then Revanced TikTok is the only best option, Because it provides the best quality with entertainment. Revanced TikTok APK offers directly downloading features which you never get in the official TikTok along with you can disable the watermark if you don’t like that. And in the end our opinion is you can download the TikTok ReVanced for android with endless fun and also by making videos you can even become popular withing month with your amazing talent.

People Also Ask

Many people have so many queries about the TikTok ReVanced So here are some result which can clear your doubt.

Q1: Who is the founder and creator of TikTok Revanced?

The official TikTok is owned by the Chinese company name of company ByteDance, But the Revanced TikTok is found by oSumAtrIX.

Q2: Is this TikTok ReVanced ads free feed.

Using the official TiokTok there are so many ads in the video feed. But don’t worry because the TikTok ReVanced is completely ads free feed.

Q3: Can I download TikTok ReVanced APK from Google Play Store?

Basically Google Play Store never supports any kinds of third party applications and the TikTok ReVanced is an third part application. So if you want to download the app then you have to download from this ReVancedapk.org.

Q4: How to download the TikTok ReVanced in PC or Laptop?

If try to download the TikTok ReVanced then it’s not possible because PC or laptop don’t support android application. But if you still want to use the TikTok ReVanced then you have to download first any kinds of emulator, like Bluestacks.

Q5: How to update the TikTok ReVanced APK?

If you want to update the TikTok ReVanced APK then you can visit here again, Because we always update the TikTok ReVanced time to time, You just have to download the latest version and install.