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YouTube ReVanced and extended is the official and advanced alternative version of the legendary YouTube Vanced which offers more features than Vanced. Get features Including Instant Download, Ad-Free content, Return YouTube Dislike, Background Playback, SponsorBlock, etc. To continue the legacy of YouTube Vanced utilize the advanced version ReVanced APK and experience the inclusive features that you never use before.

Build Date: 06/07/2024 (Source: GitHub, XAD)

What You’ll Get From YouTube ReVanced?

Background Playback


Return YouTube Dislike

Ad-Free content

Instant Download

Latest Update


Ads Setting

ReVanced app allow you to set your Ads customize as per your requirement. Like where you want to show ads where you don’t


Even from interaction option, you can set up your video download related setting.


Change your YouTube layout as you wish, even if you want an old, classic layout.


Using miscellaneous patches setting, you can enable auto HDR brightness, and more option.

Note: The information provided here is solely for educational and knowledge purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for the official YouTube App.

Enable Shorts >> Settings >> ReVanced >> Misc >> Disable Hide Shorts

ReVanced APK Info legacy

App NameReVanced YouTube
Size98 MB
Last UpdateJul 06, 2024

Features You’ll Get From ReVanced

ReVanced is new revolution of YouTube Vanced and here you will get so many new features compare to Vanced. ReVanced comes with data saving, swipe control display, zoom to fill device display and also many more including:

Background Playback

YouTube offers millions of amazing content for their users, But while watching those content if you minimize the device then the player will be stopped. Moreover, many people listen music using the YouTube and to listen music you don’t need to turn on the device display because it’s very much battery consuming. However, forget YouTube and start using the ReVanced, Because it has an option to play videos in the background. You just have to start the player with your favorite content, It can be music or podcast and close your device display, and it will be run in the background.

Ad-Free content

Watching amazing content on YouTube is always a great experience for everyone, But such kinds of ads ruined the fun. However, YouTube provide premium subscriptions for their users, but it’s costly, and it’s not affordable for everyone. Now to avoid those ads free there are lots of modified version of YouTube, And not all modified are safe and authentic to use. So the solution is the ReVanced APK, here you never have to face any kinds of while watching any content. With ReVanced watch unlimited content without having any single annoying ads, And it’s completely free in ReVanced APK.


YouTube nowadays creatures every single videos with sponsor, Means a brand pay YouTuber for promoting their product. So creators put the promotional part in the video, And while watching content you have to watch that sponsor part, or you can skip that. However, YouTube viewers don’t like to watch the sponsor part, and I know that here you are also for the solution of sponsor part. Use the ReVanced which is offering the SponsorBlock, So if you turn on that option when the sponsor part is coming the video will be automatically cut that part and take you to the actual content.

Return YouTube Dislike

YouTube has a dislike button and like button both which describe the video, Is it good or bad. But in the November 2021 YouTube decided to remove the numbers of dislike and like, Means people can like or dislike and YouTube don’t show the numbers. However, people love to see those like and dislike retro to describe the video. So many people are finding for the solution, Use the ReVanced, because the Reavnced comes with the both dislike and like button. Here you can see both numbers of dislike, So whenever you will be watching any videos by the ratio of dislike you can define the video is watchable or not watchable.

Instant Download

Note: To download directly videos using ReVanced you need a YouTube client, For example, NewPipe APK.

Sometimes people want to download music videos from the YouTube, and they like to share those with their family and friends. Although, if you save any video from the YouTube then it will save to your YouTube account, and you are not able to share. In case you want to save directly to your internal or external storage then you have to take help from downloader or tool. However, avoid such difficult things and use the ReVanced APK, It has the features to save videos directly to your device.

Watch On TV

Lots of YouTube viewers now they love to watch YouTube content on the TV where they can find a big display with authentic view. To watch ReVanced content on the TV you will need a smart TV. You can watch millions of outstanding web series from ReVanced to your TV. The processor of watching on TV you have to connect the same Wi-Fi which your Mobile has connected> Then link your TV code with the ReVanced> Go to the setting option on ReVanced then go to watch on TV and find the enter TV code and enter the code. Now here you are able to watch all the YouTube content on TV.

More Interesting Features of ReVanced

Not at all, you’ll get more interesting features from ReVanced YouTube which is decently more than Vanced YouTube, and it’s comes with all latest version. So keep using YouTube latest version, you have to use YouTube ReVanced with more reliable and useful features. To know more about extra features, please read below.


Custom-branding apps are applications that are designed to reflect the branding of a company or organization. They typically feature the company’s logo, colors, and other elements of the company’s branding. And in this latest version ReVanced App allow users to custom branding as you wish, like you can change the app icon to YouTube into Facebook etc. And many more, even you can change the app package name to install 2nd ReVanced YouTube on your same device.

Supports MicroG:

Your device already have old MicroG app? Then you don’t need to re-install ReVanced MicroG app again. Because The good news is ReVanced YouTube and ReVanced Music both app will support MicroG, for that you don’t need to use ReVanced MicroG app. So here you can save your time and data at a time, and I thought you should know about it because lost of users think to use ReVanced apps have you use ReVancd MicroG app, and it’s a myth.

Look Like a Premium:

Peoples will know when you’ll use ReVanced YouTube because the developers cleverly changed the YouTube Logo into the premium heading. And it will suit on your Revanced YouTube reason why, you’ll use also those features like a premium. YouTube Premium is a subscription service offered by YouTube that provides ad-free streaming of videos, access to exclusive content, background and offline playback of videos on mobile devices, and access to YouTube Music Premium. And you’re going to use those features free of cost.

Hide Creator’s watermark:

YouTube Creator’s watermark is a customizable image or logo that is added to videos uploaded to YouTube. It is used to help viewers identify the channel and to help protect the video from being stolen or used without permission. Well, in this YouTube ReVanced app has default hide creator’s watermark. We decently love our favorite creator’s on YouTube, but sometimes we don’t like to see that watermark which make us feel annoying.

Remove Full-Screen Panels:

YouTube Full-Screen Panels are a feature of YouTube that allows creators to add additional information to their videos. This information can include links to other videos, websites, and social media accounts, as well as images, text, and other media. And many peoples don’t like this notification stuff and what’s why the developers decide to remove the annoying full screen panels, and we hope you’ll be happy to know this feature too.

Hide-Get-Premium Banner

Every YouTube app user’s get this premium offer banner daily, and I know it’s may not be irritating for you but still why you would need it when you have ReVanced YouTube. Because you’re already getting all those pro features on ReVanced, so you don’t need to see that Get Premium banner on your YouTube when you’ll use ReVanced YouTube app.

AMOLED Display

AMOLED (Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode) is a type of display technology used in smartphones and other electronic devices. It is known for its high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, and fast response time. And in this app has inbuilt AMOLED display option which you can turn off or on in one swap from your YouTube video play setting option.


YouTube Shorts is a new feature on YouTube that allows users to create and share short-form videos up to 15 seconds long. It is designed to be a platform for creative expression and to help users discover new content. And many peoples come to YouTube for watching long duration videos as like regular videos, but many users getting addictive on YouTube Shorts unintentional. So avoiding watching YouTube Shorts addiction, you can hide Shorts video option. To hide Shorts button on ReVanced Go to setting>> ReVanced specific setting>> Layout>> Scroll down, where you’ll see the hide or show option.


As I have said, ReVanced YouTube comes with more features than Vanced YouTube with highly customized option that you can use to make your YouTube look like old classic interface. The old layout of YouTube was a three-column design with the video player on the left, the recommended videos in the middle, and the comments and related videos on the right. So if you’re to back that gold old simple layout on your YouTube, then you can use this old layout option from the ReVanced YouTube App.


YouTube debugging is the process of troubleshooting and resolving issues related to YouTube videos, such as playback errors, buffering, and slow loading. And the good side on this ReVanvced YouTube is in this app provide you feature like Enable-Debugging option which will help you to avoiding those errors and watch YouTube with full relax.

Vanced vs ReVanced

YouTube Shorts Are PermanentYou Can Disable YouTube Shorts
Get Premium Subscription Splash Screen AppearsDisable Get Premium Subscription Splash Screen
Creator Watermark Is PermanentInstantly Hide the Creator Watermark
Can’t Control Playback SpeedCustom Playback Option For Controlling Speed
Old Daily Same InterfaceNew Highly Customize Interface
Excludes Premium HeadingIncludes Premium Heading
It Can Be Stop In Few DaysReVanced Is Permanent

ReVanced Extra Features

YouTube doesn’t provide any kinds of swipe control features in the other hand the ReVanced has verity of swipe controls which you can access easily. You can enable press to swipe gesture, swipe overlay test size, swipe background visibility, swipe magnitude threshold, etc. If you want then you can enable a large size of search bar for more visibility, Along with hide autoplay button, hide cast button, hide caption button, hide breaking news, enable table mini player, and the most impotent is you can hide shorts button. Talking about comments, then you hide comments too, Along with you can hide preview comments, Even hide shorts comment.

Data Saving Mode

  • Data saving mode turn on or off.
  • Reduce video quality.
  • Mutued playback in feeds over Wi-Fi only.
  • Date monitoring and control.
  • Mobile data usage reminder.
ReVanced Specific Setting
  • Related to Ads setting.
  • Setting related to interactions.
  • Setting related to the layout.
  • Miscellaneous patches setting.
Return YouTube Dislike
  • Setting related to return YouTube dislike. (Data provided by
MicroG Setting
  • Setting related to MicroG App. (Have to Installed MicroG App)
SponsorBlock Setting
  • Enable or disable SponsorBlock.
  • Skip count tracking.
  • Show time without segments.
  • You can change different segments category’s color by clickinh it and put the color code.
  • And many more features.
  • Introgation made by JakubWed, recoded by oSum.

Friends Questions for ReVanced

Que: What is ReVanced?

Ans: People are really obsessed with the YouTube Vanced and the bad news is YouTube Vanced might be not working after few months, so some amazing developers like oSumAtrIX developed the new revelation of Vanced and that ReVanced APK for continuing the Vanced legacy.

Que: Is using the ReVanced is safe and secure?

Ans: Although the ReVanced is a third party developer application so that why people are worried about is this ReVanced APK is safe or secure for them, But don’t worry the application is complete safe and secure for users.

Que: Can ReVanced support on noon rooted device?

Ans: Yes of course the ReVanced is for both rooted and non-rooted device. So if you want to use the RevVanced APK on your device without rooting then you can install the Microg app.

Que: Is the ReVanced available on Google Play Store?

Ans: You can download only official first party developer’s application from plat store, And the ReVanced is a third party developer’s app so you can’t find the ReVanced on the Google Play Store, So download from here.

Que: Can I install the ReVanced on my PC?

Ans: Basically the ReVanced is a mobile application which never support on the PC or Laptop, But still if you want to install on your PC then you can download an emulator which will help to install the ReVanced on your PC or Laptop, For best emulator the Bluestacks is one of the best.

Que: Why the ReVanced APK crashing on my device?

Ans: If you are a user of ReVanced then you might be facing this problem related to ReVanced crashing, So to fix this problem then simply disable the battery optimization on ReVanced and ReVanced Microg app.

Que: Does YouTube Vanced still work?

Ans: If you are not know then yes the YouTube Vanced still working, but the thing is it might be not working after few months so if you want to continue the legacy of Vanced then install the ReVanced from here.

Que: How to enable hidden setting on ReVanced?

Ans: To enable those hidden setting on the ReVanced setting just visit the setting and then click more than 6 to 7 times on the about section, so now you are able to only enables the additional video codec settings.

Que: How to hide notification on Microg App?

Ans: 1: To hide the Microg App notification you can simply disable the battery optimization for MicroG and then reboot your device.
2: If the notification doesn’t off with the preview’s method then you can disable MicroG notifications by just holding on to the notification, toggle it off and tap and then save.
3: Disabling Microg notification can be different for different device so if your Microg notification doesn’t off using those methods then you can google it simply.

Que: What is the main difference between YouTube Vanced and ReVanced

Ans: To explore the features between ReVanced and Vanced then there are many differences, but the main thing is the Vanced might be stopped after few months so using the new revelation app ReVanced is always best to continuing the Vanced legacy.

Que: Can I use the YouTube Vanced And ReVanced both on same device?

Ans: ReVanced and Vanced is completely different and useful so yes you can use those both Vanced and ReVanced on the same device even with the same Microg app.

Que: How to update the ReVanced APK?

Ans: Currently, the ReVanced is working on the beta version, so you can’t update the ReVanced using the ReVanced Manager just like Vanced, So whenever a new version is coming you can visit here again and get the latest version instantly.

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ReVanced APK is an incredible highly customize official alternative of YouTube Vanced. Although Vanced also offers amazing features but due to YouTube Vanced has stopped, so you should try this ReaVanced APK for same and authentic experience. Watching YouTube content without having ad and along with many features currently the ReVanced is the best option. In the last thought we recommend you to use the app from here, We have tested the ReVanced without millions o users, and they found it a great alternative. Get a customize premium branding logo also you can hide creators watermark. Save all your favorite content from YouTube to your external device. So download the ReVanced APK for android and see the like and dislike on every video, For more quarries contact us.